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Area A

Sensitive area archaeologically. At the northern tip of the parish, the site is focussed on the A12 where it follows the line of the ancient Roman road from Colchester to Baylham.  Discoveries on both sides of the modern road include Roman pottery, coins, metal objects and brick fragments. These, together with the remains of timber buildings, indicate the presence of one or more Roman settlements.


From an archaeological point of view this is the most sensitive area within the East Bergholt parish. It lies at the northern tip of the parish, on the A12 hill coming north out of East Bergholt where the modern road follows the line of an ancient Roman road between Colchester and Baylham (nr Gt. Blakenham) .

The discovery of Roman pottery sherds, coins, metal objects and brick fragments on both sides of the modern road at Lattinford Bridge, over the Stutton Brook, together with the two pits or wells infilled with burnt clay and pottery sherds indicates the presence of a Roman roadside settlement. Remains of timber buildings fronting the road may be anticipated, together with roadside cemeteries sited just beyond the settlement edge. The underlying superficial geology (sand and gravels) are conducive to the formation of cropmarks indicative of former land use which can often be observed on aerial photographs.. The Suffolk HER has identified areas of cropmarks which may be attributable to field systems associated with this settlement. However, the ground is too heavily patterned with geological features such as ‘ice-cracks’ to confirm an archaeological origin from aerial photographs alone. The discovery of pottery vessels associated with what is thought to have been a Roman cremation cemetery during the construction of Ackworth House in the 1840s, c.800m south of the modern roadline, and two metal detecting finds in the vicinity of Woodgates Farm confirms potential Roman activity in the northern part of the parish, although on present evidence it is difficult to quantify. Consequently, on present evidence, the potential for encountering archaeological remains of very high, high or medium significance from this period within the Site is considered to be medium.

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