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A view on the Stour

Although the exact location cannot be identified, it is believed to be down stream at Flatford looking towards the lock and is said to be the earliest dated example of oil studies executed around 1810-1812 in which Constable's technique is said to be first apparent.


Constable admitted himself to having a ‘vanguard’ style of work using broad brushstrokes, at the time frowned upon by The Royal Academy, This technique, however, went on to be developed by the Impressionists of the late 19th | early 20th Centuries.

Around this time Constable adopted a routine of spending the winter in London and painting at East Bergholt in the summer which, given his seven year courtship with Maria Bicknall, certainly gave him purpose to return to the village for a majority of the year.  It was not until his marriage to Maria in 1816 that they both moved to London.

John G Johnson Collection, Philadelphia.


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