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Cottages and Windmill

Cottages and a Windmill, with cottage centre under a clump of trees and a view over the flat fields beyond with a windmill on the left in the distance. Outbuildings in the right foreground and overhanging trees.

This sketch of pen and brown ink and watercolour with graphite, has been exhibited only twice in the last few years (1976 Feb-May Tate, ‘Constable’ no 288 & 2014 Jan-March, Petworth House, Constable at Petworth)


Painted in the July/August of this year, there are other sketches made during the artist's stay in Flatford this summer, two of these cottages with a barn and trees, drawn on the same day, in the same sketchbook.

Believed to be that of The Old Mill House, in East Bergholt which has been depicted in a number of sketches with similar views, however the position of the windmill appears to alter to fit the composition of each.

British Museum


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