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East Bergholt Church part of the exterior from the North Side

Constable's compositions were always based on the nature of English landscape or rural pastures.  He used symmetrical compositions and scenes that focused on manmade buildings such as a mill, cottage, or in this case a church and although little is known about this sketch or the exact year it was completed, it is inscribed on the back – J Constable R.A. EB Church serial number ‘20’


There are certainly differences to Constable's watercolours from 1806, as when compared to East Bergholt Church North archway of the ruined tower (1806) the medium on later work is certainly handled with more confidence and a greater freedom.

Donated to the V&A by Isabel Constable*, daughter of the artist in 1888

*Isabel donated most works she had inherited to the Victoria & Albert museum which consisted of 297 drawings and watercolours, and 92 oil paintings.

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16a East Bergholt reverse side<br>

16a East Bergholt reverse side


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