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The Mill Stream night

Natural landscapes and scenes of the Suffolk agricultural work is how Constable is best known. This piece is a view from the forecourt of Flatford Mill, across the street to the river with the water churned up by the water wheel. The water flow through the archway below the forecourt explains the turbulence seen in the foreground of this sketch.


The classical landscapes of vivid colours using natural tones and vibrant greens to match the colours he saw in the countryside, along with techniques to give a realistic appearance of flowing water and the wind blowing through the trees to capture the depth in a way that had not been seen before.

Willy Lott’s House*(part of Valley Farm), appears in several of Constable's finished paintings, the most famous of which is The Haywain 1821

Bequeathed by Henry Vaughan 1900

*Willy Lott’s house, originally called Gibeons Gate Farm, was lived in by Willy Lott (1761-1849) for 88 year. He spent only one night away from his home during his lifetime.


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