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West Lodge

Initially titled 'Wooley Hall' this sketch shows the magnificent frontage of West Lodge as seen from Constable's family home, East Bergholt House.


Produced during the long coutship between Constable and Maria Bicknell, in a year beginning with Mr Bicknell disapproving his correspondence with Maria. By May, however,  he was able to see Maria at his exhibition at the Academy, and where he also sits next to Turner at the Academy dinner, who he finds ‘uncouth but with a wonderful range of mind’!

By the July Constable leaves London for the first time with ‘pockets full of money’ from his portrait work, and by the August is back in his ‘beloved East Bergholt’ .  In the December meets with Maria briefly and then writes to her to say that after seeing her ‘when I return to my room – I detest the sight of my wretched pictures’

Provenance unknown

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1 view of Beaufort cottage by Golding Constable's House<br>

1 view of Beaufort cottage by Golding Constable's House


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