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Anglia Water B1070 Replacement Scheme, East Bergholt

Monitoring revealed two small undated pits that contain burnt flint.


An archaeological watching brief was undertaken for Anglian Water Services Limited ahead of the installation of a replacement water mains pipeline in fields adjacent to the B1070 at East Bergholt. The watching brief completed the archaeological work along the easement route; the previous phases being a fieldwalking survey and archaeological trial trenching. The results from three of the trial trenches suggested that the northern 320m of the easement had the potential to reveal further archaeological features and this area was monitored under archaeological watching brief conditions and is the subject of this report. Monitoring during the watching brief revealed two small pits, observed in the western edge of the pipe cut. These pits though undated appeared to contain burnt flint which suggested that they were of prehistoric date and most likely associated with those found in the northernmost evaluation trench i.e. of Early to Middle Bronze Age date. A fragment of burnt flint was collected from one of the pits and several modern metal finds were found whilst metal-detecting the easement strip (S1). 

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