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Medieval and Post Medieval features at Land north west of Moores Lane

Medieval and Post Medieval finds and features identified during a metal detecting survey and trial trench evaluation at Land north west of Moores Lane.


Jul-Oct 2015: Geophysical survey carried out prior to development identified no anomalies that could be considered archaeological. This is possibly due to the underlying sand and gravel geology (S1). Oct 2015: A metal detecting survey carried out prior to development revealed a single Middle Bronze Age spear fragment, a Medieval pin, thimble and pottery fragment and a scatter of Post Medieval finds (S2). Oct 2015: An archaeological evaluation recorded three ditches of medieval and post medieval date and two undated post holes. The lack of dating evidence and general poor preservation of the archaeological features make interpretations of the features problematic. The earliest finds on the fire were a prehistoric flint and a single sherd of prehistoric pottery, although these are isolated finds and should not be taken as direct dating evidence for their features due to the absence of any sign of disturbance (S2). 

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