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Ackworth House (Rom)

Roman cremation cemetery and pottery scatter


Roman Cremation Cemetery (? ) and pottery scatter. 1838: "In digging the foundations for a house in a field, a short time since, in East Bergholt, about a quarter of a mile NW of the church, on a hill towards Stratford, in a sandy soil, about 2 feet from the surface, was discovered a number of pieces of earthen pots, evidently sepulchral urns. These appeared to have been broken at times by horses and carriages passing over them. They also appear to have contained dark ashes. They were placed in a circular form. the diameter about 12 or 14 yards. Those of fine earth in the centre inclining to white, more outwardly of coarse red earth (sic). Some of the necks are entire and the size of a common bottle. E Dunthorne, Sept 1838, when I saw some of the fragments." (S1) (see 'Not to be published on web' tab for finder/s and/or findspot/s) adds that in the 1920s or 1930s, when his father was head gardener for the house, amounts of Roman pottery were found when digging water mains (to the house or gardens?). It is believed these were given to Colchester Castle Museum (S3). Also see Un for large earthwork banks on the site. 

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