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Dodnash Priory (site of) of the Blessed Virgin

Dodnash Priory, Augustinian, founded 1188, dissolved 1525.- Scheduled Monument


Dodnash Priory, Augustinian, founded 1188, dissolved 1525. Re-used material is visible in the present Dodnash Priory Farm (S1)(S2)(R1)(R2). Scheduled area comprises a large pond, probably remains of fishponds, a fragment of flint wall on its side and an area of lumps and bumps extending over parts of two fields. An AP suggests walls but nothing definite (S1). 1981: Area under pasture. Whole site extremely wet. Pond filled with reeds and several wildfowl nesting. The fragments of flint wall is reduced in size along its width, say 3 x 2 x 5 ft as against 3 x 3 x 5 ft in 1975. It would appear that masonry has been chipped away recently, with several flints lying loose at the base (S1). 1991: Said to be falling, unmaintained and at risk. `Needs protection - wall being vandalised. Only one small part of a wall remains' (S3). 

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