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Glacial Erratic Boulder

Thought to have been bought down from Scotland or Scandinavia during the last Ice Age, this impressive Glacial Erratic Boulder on the corner at Bakers End.

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  • Large erratic bolder transported and deposited by glacier ice


Thought to be 200 million years old, and stands now presumably from where nature left it (on the bend of Mill Road opposite White Horse Road), these Glacial erratic deposited rocks take their name from the Latin word ‘errare’ (to wander), having be carried by glacial ice, often over distances of hundreds of miles and can range in size from pebbles to large boulders.

Many of these stones are registered on Geological sites,  sadly not the case here, and as some say this was in fact a ‘mounting’ stone from the days of the White Horse Inn.

Legendary stories of these stones that are scattered about East Anglia, is that their position may be of significance and that these boulders were dragged from where they were found and set into positions of importance, markers on ancient tracks, or boundaries, or meeting places or perhaps in this case a mounting stone.

Either way, it’s an interesting story and an impressive stone.

If you look closely at the John Constable sketch below, you will see the outline of the same stone as it is today.

Please do get in touch if you have any additional information and can add to this story.


  • 4
  • Large erratic bolder transported and deposited by glacier ice

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