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The Welcome Soldier

Located on the Manningtree Road, The Welcome Soldier Beerhouse. Unknown for how many years this property operated as a Beerhouse as only 2 landlords have been identified.


The First 'landlord' or 'Innkeeper' was unusually a Mrs Gemma Clark, and when she died in 1872 it was transferred to her brother in law.

By 1900 the pub was auctioned off for £260 so presumably it continued operating after that date, however by the mid 1900's W.T. Wheelers took over the site, one local (Norman Peartree) remembers helping pulling down the old buildings for Wheelers when he first started work.He also recalls a chap called Erne Lucas living in one of the houses and another called Sixer (Sixer could tie his moustache in a bow around the back of his head!)

'Lot 3 THE FREEHOLD PROPERTy known as the Welcome Soldier Beerhouse, with stables and sheds, tow cottages adjoining, and an inclosure of arable land containing together 4a 1r.27p'

The site of The Welcome Soldier is now called Cordwinders.




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Welcome Soldier


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