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Quinton's Triangle, including Carriers Arms to Hare & Hounds

This area is a well-defined triangle formed by Quintons Road, Woodgates and Heath Road containing historic open space and many historic buildings.

Most of the land on the North side of Quintons Road also falls into this category

In addition, the land from the end of Gaston Street, along Heath Road  from the Carriers pub to the Hare & Hounds pub, is worth also of conservation area  consideration, together with the allotment land at the rear.

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  • The triangle formed by Quintons Road, Woodgates Rd & Heath Rd, having historic open spaces and historic buildings.


Historical Importance:

The area was known as Gastons End on early Brassier maps, particularly of East Bergholt Heath of 1731, where the triangle with its historic pond is clearly shown as a green surrounded by houses. The main green open space is a remnant of the original Heath and is known locally as the “Box Iron” because of its shape. It contains a number of trees with TPO’s.

A smaller triangle of green space nearer the Heath Road/ Gaston Street junction, bounded by an ancient iron railing, was considered by a previous Babergh Local Plan to be an oasis or vital gren space to help retain the rural aspect of the village. A planning application for this plot was refused by EBPC and Babergh for this reason.

The Quintons Triangle contains no less than 10 listed buildings : The Hermitage, Chaplins, Chaplains Cottage and Gascoignes, The Carriers Arms, High Trees Farmhouse, Blacksmiths Cottage, The Linnets, Quintons Cottage, Quintons House, and The Hare and Hounds, many dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.

In addition there are a number of other properties which could be considered worthy of listing because of their historical character : Sunset Cottage in Gaston End, The Sparrows and Quintons in Quintons Road, and Old Cottage, and the Old Coach House on Heath Road.

The allotments at the rear of the Heath Road properties on the south side are important historically as they are all that remains of very old allotment plots which were worked by the village community.

Assessment of Special Interest:

The Quintons Triangle area is like a “time capsule” of part of the village as it developed over five centuries, with examples of different styles of domestic architecture, public houses and the blacksmiths’ workshop in a semblance of the original landscape setting: that of buildings clustered around a triangular “green”, which in turn is part of the wider “heath”. It is a unique character area.

The Box Iron green space and the triangular corner space are important as they are for  the memory of these former times in the village. It would be beneficial for them to be in public ownership to be looked after by the Parish and have controlled public access.

The properties on the south side of Heath Road between the two pubs (carriers and Hare & Hounds) have also special character significance marking , as a group, an unchanged view on entering East Bergholt. Behind this area, the allotments are an important, well-used, community resource for the village, as they have been for over a hundred years.

  • Aspects of Sensitivity:
  •   It contains a combination of a variety of historic buildings and green open spaces which, together, represent a unique vestige of an important part of East Bergholt’s growth over the centuries.
  • Any further new development on the elements of open land would destroy the setting and character.
  • The Quintons area has previously been included in the Conservation Area (1975?); it is a mystery why it is not currently represented.
  • The ownership and stewardship of the open green spaces needs to be resolved. It used to be in public ownership. 
  • The allotment land at the rear of the Hare & Hounds is a much valued community asset which should be maintained into the future.

Relevant Reading, Documentation, Maps, Photographs:

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  • The triangle formed by Quintons Road, Woodgates Rd & Heath Rd, having historic open spaces and historic buildings.

Other Images

The Cottage - Quintons Corner<br>

The Cottage - Quintons Corner

Quintons on the Heath<br>Brassier Map 1733<br />

Quintons on the Heath

Brassier Map 1733

Quintons Corner<br>OS Map 1887<br />

Quintons Corner

OS Map 1887

Map of Village, with Quintons Earmarked<br>Brassier 1731<br />

Map of Village, with Quintons Earmarked

Brassier 1731

Quintons Triangle - the Entrance<br>

Quintons Triangle - the Entrance

Quintons View - Chaplins<br>

Quintons View - Chaplins

Another Quintons View<br>

Another Quintons View

Quintons Triangle - "Box Iron" Green<br>

Quintons Triangle - "Box Iron" Green

Quinton's Triangle - 18C houses on the green<br>

Quinton's Triangle - 18C houses on the green


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