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Conservation Area Extension 4 - Hadleigh Rd, North End / West Side

The northern part of Hadleigh Road runs between Hughes Road and the A1070 Heath Road.

On the eastern side, set well back is a line of several bungalows leading to a cluster of 2-storey houses from the 1970’s and ‘80’s in Collingwood Fields. This  eastern side is not under consideration for the Conservation Area. It is the large field opposite on the western side which needs some protection.

The agricultural area under consideration runs from the tree-and-hedge-lined edge of Hadleigh Road up to the dense linear block of woodland running  from a bend in the A1070 to The Lodge entrance on Hughes Road, and south, but parallel to the A12.

  • North of Hadleigh Rd, between Hughes Road and the A1070 Heath Rd


Historical Importance:

This field skirts the line of the old Roman road next to what is now the A12. Evidence of Roman remains have been recorded in this region during the construction of Ackworth House, and further northeast at Woodgates.

Heritage Collective’s 2020 Study of the village gives the land “medium-high” heritage sensitivity, and “medium” archaeological potential.

These fields have a rectilinear form, typical of enclosed heathland. They remain largely intact dating to pre-18th century enclosure.

 Assessment of Special Interest:

This land importantly gives the long-established rural character to the border of East Bergholt adjacent to a major road artery. The openness of the fields allow for far-reaching views, and the view of the listed The Lodge nestled, in the trees, is important when viewed from the Hadleigh Road.

The site has archaeological potential.

 Reasons for Inclusion in the Conservation Area:

  • Important to protect and preserve the distant and approach views of East Bergholt from the north and from the A12.
  • Character of open landscape surrounded by mature trees and hedgerows should be retained to define the edge of the village.
  • There is archaeological potential, given the history of the area.

 Relevant Reading, Documents, Maps and Photographs:

  •  “Historic Landscape Study of East Bergholt and the Cultural Legacy of John Constable” by Heritage Collective (2020).
  • Maps by Brassier (1731), Hodgkinson (1783), Cassini and the Enclosure Maps of 1817.
  •  Historic Listing for “The Lodge”.
  • North of Hadleigh Rd, between Hughes Road and the A1070 Heath Rd

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